Stratford’s Declaration of a Climate Emergency, you’ll remember, was made in February 2020. Very little has been accomplished since then. Two climate coordinators have collaborated on a climate action plan, But both have now left, and the City voted in January to budget for a third. We should hear more about this in June.

At the March meeting, Councillor Burbach noted that the Climate Action Workiing Group has now met twice, and has set up a schedule of goals. She has forwarded this information to committee members. When I learn what these are, I will post them here.

The Official Plan review is underway, but there seems to be no attention paid to Secondary Plans. The committtee  made a motion to recommend to Council to conduct a formal review of the Secondary Plans and make recommendations for revisions.

Councillor Burbach also noted that Council has discussed the 5-year update to City development standards, and she hopes that will include an update of development charges. She has also asked about adding incentives for greener standards, but apparently has not made a formal motion to Council.

The committee agreed to put together a list of possible amendments for Council that will be compatible with the Ontario Building code, and also make a presentation to the Stratford and Area Builder’s Association. E&E could also hold a special meeting for the Climate Action Plan internal working group to discuss the information put forward by Chris Higgins earlier in the meeting. No motions were made on these suggestions.